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Getting tired of the repetitive chore of feeding your family?
Here at Lunchboxia, all the hard work is done for you. Everything you need to make school & work lunch easy, even for the fussiest eaters!
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In Australia, your child goes to school for 200 days every year. If they complete the whole 13 years of primary and secondary schooling, that equates to having to organise and prepare 2,600 lunches. Overwhelming huh?
So, doesn’t it make sense to figure out a way to make this chore as easy as possible? Start with the right gear and then set up a system of planning, buying and preparing the school lunches.

When my first child started school, I was shocked at how often her drink bottles would break. I think in her first year in Kindy, she went through five water bottles because they either cracked or started growing mold in places no scrubbing brushes could reach. And with her being so young, it was hard to find lunch boxes and drink bottles that she could open and close by herself.

I’ll admit, though, I usually bought the cheap ones from the local shops. I wanted to invest in an expensive one but I didn’t have the time to do the research online, find out where they were sold or hang out in facebook groups to read reviews by other mums.

But that’s not all. I quickly learned that packing a lunch everyday is not a simple sandwich and an apple and off you go. No. Kids are much fussier than that. These days it has to be completely nutritious, nut-free, sometimes wrapper-free, colourful, delicious, interesting and able to be proudly compared with their peers’ lunches.

And that’s just school lunches. What about work lunches? And dinners? Breakfasts? Snacks? Do you ever get to stop thinking about food? It seems you’re either planning it, buying it, preparing it, cooking it, packing it, encouraging the consumption of it or throwing it in the bin. Day after day after day. If only you could hand over even some of the task.

Here at Lunchboxia, all the hard work is done for you. Everything you need to make school (and work) lunches easy.

Find the perfect lunchbox and drink bottle – filter our extensive range by size, material, age-group and eco-friendly and read our in-depth reviews and customer star ratings

Use my school lunch meal plans – every week I’ll send you a grocery list and instructions for preparing the week’s lunches, including a prep-ahead section.

Get inspired – join my facebook group to see what other mums just like you do to make school lunches a breeze.

And once you’ve got that humming along nicely, check out the blog for:

Food organisation – how to organise your fridge, freezer and pantry
Kitchen organisation – how to organise your utensils, appliances, containers, etc
Meal planning and prepping – learn how to plan your meals or use one of ours!
Fill your freezer – with family dinners, lunchbox ready snacks and prepared vegetables
Inspiration – lunches from around the world and the far reaches of the internet.
Plus, pick up some printables – like lunch notes, lists, meal planners, food budget, grocery list templates, or shop the best lunchboxes and other food accessories.

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Perth, Western Australia
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Delicious Spices, Chocolate Powders, Flavour Infused Olive oils, Balsamics, Teas, Dessert Sauces, Toppings and more.
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Australian Owned Flavourista is based in Queensland and ships Australia wide and beyond. Although our consultants are only in Australia we can ship to most places in the world.
Our products are as natural as possible and are gluten free and Nut Free and safe for celiacs.
Our spices can easily be made into dips by adding them to sour cream or Greek yogurt and also make great flavourings in your stir fries, bbqs, roasts, casseroles etc. Our Chocolate Powders are also versatile in that they make great hot drinks and also can be used in baking.
The toppings are Irish Cream, Butterscotch and Caramel and go well in coffee and cakes alike. Dessert sauces make great milk shake flavourings and so good drizzled over ice cream.
Give your old Favourites a new lease in life and tempt your taste buds with making new creations.

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